2 May 2017



Last weekend, Jose Cuervo sponsored the UK’s first Margarita Rumble, a major competition which saw top mixologists from across London’s best bars and restaurants compete to win the prestigious title of Best Margarita In London. 

The Cows were there in full force to capture the action for Jose Cuervo’s social channels and chat all things tequila to the margarita loving attendees. 

Taking place on Bank Holiday Sunday, members of the public were invited to The Yard in Shoreditch to take part in the grand ole fiesta and sample their favourite bars’ take on the classic cocktail. 

Covent Garden’s Cafe Pacifico was crowned the best margarita in town with its delicious blend of passionfruit and chilli. 

The event was a huge success with over 1,000 guests and 358 bottles of Jose Cuervo consumed.

That’s a lot of tequila…