11 April 2017


This week we hosted the Kraken Crawl – a tasting event that saw five Camden pubs playing host to the discerning fans of The Kraken Black Spiced Rum. Each of the bars involved created a perfect Kraken cocktail for the great and good, rum-supping, leviathan-loving public. And of course – each stage offered plenty of juicy content for The Kraken’s online fans who lived further afield too.

First, to The Hawley Arms which served up a delightful Krakens revenge to get the evening started. The venue’s relaxed vibe warmed us up nicely… and being in the company of a few rock legends didn’t hurt either…

Then on to Proud, where a capable bar crew concocted the Kraken Black for our Crawlers – helping us pick up the pace as the night went on…


From here we went on to Cuban Bar, with upbeat music and beautiful people perfectly complementing the classic Perfect Storm.


We managed to drag ourselves away, with Fifty Five Bar in our sights – and it didn’t skip a beat. The mixologists presented fans with our own tentacle’d twist on the traditional favourite: a Black Mojito



And finally, to The World’s End. A Camden institution and perfect place to complete the Kraken Crawl which presented fans with the tempestuous temptation of Any Port In A Storm.


As well as having a blast with our online fans, the team was able to spend some quality time with a phenomenal set of bar staff… and create some unique and genuine content for online fans too – who were keen to give us their suggestions for where we should head for the next Crawl!