18 April 2017

Getting fit on your doorstep

To help get Kensington residents moving, Kensington Harbour Clubs is launching a ‘door to door’ PT service. Taking inspiration from door-to-door salesmen and giving the concept a fitness twist, the PTs will offer 10-minute HIIT sessions to Kensington residents, on their doorsteps. 05/04/2017 Byline John Nguyen/JNVisualsWith an indulgent Easter weekend behind us, Cow and Harbour Clubs hit the streets of London’s Kensington to launch their door-to-door PT service.

Similar to a door-to-door salesman, but offering a free 10 minute HIIT workout to Kensington residents, the personal trainers used everything from flower pots to garden gnomes to help people get fit on their front step.

From June 2nd 2017, the door-to-door PTs will be relocated to Cromwell Road, Kensington – the location of the new Kensington Harbour Club.