18 November 2016

n33d For speed


It’s been a busy month at Cow. Last week we burnt some rubber with Three UK, as we invited a host of journalists to get behind the wheel to put the Sony Xperia XZ through its paces at Mercedes Benz World at #threewheeling, our media event to showcase the device’s top of the range camera and video.

The Evening Standard, Stuff, Tech Radar, Good Housekeeping, Digital Spy, Gadgets Boy and Uni Lad joined the Sony and Three team to take part in a unique photography challenge, testing the device’s pro-camera with advanced movement and colour colour capture, which allows you to capture moving objects in any light without blur and with crystal clear colour and definition from the comfort a top of the range Mercedes.

First our journalists took to the handling circuits to build up some speed, then onto the wet skid circle to try driving in the slippiest of conditions, before moving into the 4×4 10 acre off road circuit, where they were able to test out the Xperia XZ’s 4K video recording, which allows you to capture steady video in even the trickiest conditions. 

All videos and images were sent in live via the Three network for judging by Sony ambassador and professional sports photographer Nick Webster and our winning journalist was crowned – Carrie Ann Skinner from Good Housekeeping.

The day was a great success, with lots of coverage to come and happy reviews and tweets from all of the media involved.