29 November 2016

Bringing the RHS to a new audience


This month the RHS hosted a London Show different to any that has come before, featuring collaborators and exhibitors (such as Prick and Electric Daisy Flower Farm) who would be just as likely to pop up on an East London high-street as a 200-year-old horticultural institution. And that was exactly what the RHS Urban Garden Show aimed to prove: horticulture is not just a hobby to be enjoyed with a warm cup of retirement, but equally inspiring and exciting to a younger, hipper audience too.

The show kicked off with live DJ sets, a spectacular installation from the UAL and a flare of cocktails and a VVIP preview for a select set of bloggers and influencers-about-town. One-on-one Succulent Planting workshops and a private tour of the centuries-old books in the archives of Lindley Library ensured a magical night was had (and widely Tweeted, Instagrammed, Facebook Live’d, and blogged) by all.