8 August 2016

PR Week Awards Nominations for Cow

After last year’s PR Week Awards success (bringing home a gong for our #ThePussycatRiot campaign) we’re delighted to have been shortlisted for two trophies at this year’s PR Week Awards.

Keeping the animal-theme going for 2016 we’re up for Best Event for our Bar D’Alsace-tian idea: the world’s first bar staffed entirely by dogs (a fun little stunt we concocted for our client Kronenbourg 1664).

Our client Hide My Ass! is once again being represented at the prestigious awards, this time in the Technology category with our Keep Believing in Santa idea: an international tactic we launched last Christmas to try and stop the internet from ruining children’s belief in Santa.

A BEER PLEASE, BARK-TENDER! - The world's first bar staffed by dogs opens - ¿ Table service at Bar D'Alsace-tian is provided by a team of trained Alsatian dogs ¿ Each dog wears a lightweight, miniature barrel containing a bottle of Kronenbourg ¿ Bar D'Alsace-tian opened to mark the launch of the new Kronenbourg advert - which stars Eric Cantona and a pair of Alsatian dogs delivering a Taste Supreme around Alsace Dogs have long assumed a wide variety of important roles in society, from highly trained farm and police work to everyday human companionship. But tomorrow the world will see a brand new string added to the venerable bow of feats man's best friend is capable of¿ bartending. That's with the launch of the world's first ever bar staffed by dogs. Created by premium beer Kronenbourg 1664, Bar D'Alsace-tian boasts a four-legged staff of professionally trained Alsatians who deliver Kronenbourg 1664 directly to customers at their tables. Each of these 'bark-tenders' wears a custom dog harness with a lightweight, miniature barrel mounted at the front - inside of which is a chilled bottle of Kronenbourg 1664 ready for customers to take and enjoy. The dogs' barrels are directly inspired by the iconic kegs worn by St. Bernard rescue dogs in the Alps for almost a thousand years - where legend has it the intrepid canines would find lost explorers in the perilous snowy peaks and wait with them until help arrived. The barrels were reported to contain brandy or wine to keep the wayward travellers warm. Bar D'Alsace-tian serves to reimagine the legend of the beverage-bearing dogs for the modern age. Indeed, when customers enter the French bistro-themed venue and take their seats, the Alsace-tian staff will bound into action and ably deliver Kronenbourg 1664 to those seeking a Taste Suprême. Aside from a few human assistants on hand to restock their kegs, Bar D'Alsace-tian is an establishment run wholly by the dogs. Bar D'Alsace-tian has been opened to celebrate the new 'Alsace-tians' ad campaign from Kronenbourg 1664. Returning again to Alsace in France, the new television advert sees Eric Cantona introduce viewers to the amazing 'Alsace-tians': majestic dogs that bound through the iconic French region delivering a Taste Suprême to the deserving via their Kronenbourg 1664 collar barrels. From freeing a monk ensnared in the church bell ropes to pulling a postman buried in the snow, the Alsace-tians are always ready to liberate and libate a local in need! The new campaign can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/user/Kronenbourg1664 Ifeoma Dozie, Brand Director at Kronenbourg 1664, said: "We're absolutely delighted to be opening the doors on the world's first bar staffed by dogs. It provides customers with a truly unique experience and is the ideal way for us to bring the 'Alsace-tians' to Kronenbourg fans. With Bar D'Alsace-tian we will have man's best friend delivering one of man's greatest achievements: the Taste Suprême of Kronenbourg 1664." Providing the perfect accompaniment for Kronenbourg 1664, patrons of Bar D'Alsace-tian will be invited to enjoy the delights from the Alsace region, while also soaking up the venue's impressive Gallic-themed décor - from the rustic furniture through to the range of Alsace-tian memorabilia displayed throughout. Bar D'Alsace-tian is located on Greek Street in London and is open to the public on Friday 6th May between 6:30pm and 8:30pm. Only customers with a table reservation will be permitted entry. For more information on table reservations visit https://billetto.co.uk/en/events/bar-dalsacetian. Each table reservation comes complete with two complimentary bottles of Kronenbourg 1664 per customer as well as bread and cheese. - ENDS - For more information please contact 020 7234 9150 / kronenbourg@cowpr.com

Santa Claus takes to tech to quash rumours that heÕs not real, after research by leading global VPN providerÊhidemyass.comÊrevealed that 3.3million British children had their belief in Santa ended by the internet. In particular, online ads, search engines results and social media, which have driven down the average age at which children stop believing from almost 9 years old a generation ago, to 6 years old today. In response, the online security and privacy firm has created an online tool which, once installed, can help keep the magic alive for longer. It is available to download at www.hidemyass.com/keep-believing-in-santaÊfor free. Once installed, it replaces any content that may lead kids to prematurely discover the true origin of their Christmas presents with a reassuring photo of Santa in his workshop