10 March 2015

Cow win PR Moments Award for our work with Send A Cow

We do like winning awards. Especially when said awards are weighty enough to sink a small cruise liner. So thank you to Send A Cow for allowing us to work with them, and thanks to PR Moments for judging that our first ever campaign with them as the best in show!

To recap, our aim was to support the wonderful ‘Break Fast’ campaign and raise a government matched £500,000 (simple, eh) – so we put together a recipe book of the most important breakfasts that fuelled the greats throughout history.

You can get the full story here – so popular with the likes of The Metro (full page), The Times, Buzzfeed and Daily Mirror all sharing the fact that, while Gandhi got by on a breakfast of porridge, cocoa and goat’s milk, Charles Darwin preferred a low-carb dish of pigeon breasts and eggs.

Meanwhile – on Twitter with the likes of Stephen Fry, Michaela Strachan and Jamie Theakston all tweeting about it, Send A Cow experienced an unprecedented amount of traffic throughout the campaign!