22 September 2014

HOW TO HOUSEPLANT – The Joy of Plants Way

We love the fact that one of the things we get to do working with www.thejoyofplants.co.uk is get inspired and inspire people in return!

Last week our trail of curiosity and creativity led us to an incredible loft apartment in NorthWest London, home of Isabelle Palmer – better known to her legion of fans as The Balcony Gardener – where we attended a “How to houseplant” workshop. The day covered everything from how-to create your own terrariums through to some of the newest techniques and trends..

Isabelle’s gorgeous flat was brimming with plants and incredible ideas – and it all proved how the humble houseplant can be a style focus in any room, with a little imagination. Flowers (edible ones, that is) made it into the magnificent spread provided by talented chef-come-culinary artist, Sorrel Ferguson… We even left with a gorgeous goody bag and a signed copy of her latest book. Bloomin’ bliss!